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Green decoration materials


    Environmentally friendly building materials refer to building decoration materials that consume fewer resources and energy, do not pose a risk to human health, improve people's quality of life, and are easy to reconcile with the environment (referring to environmental concerns).


    Choose non-toxic, harmless, and low-emission raw materials, and pay attention to the impact of building materials on human health and environmental protection. This material can be reused, recycled, and renewable. The company's main research and development projects use flame-proof and flame-retardant substrates, polymer composite materials, calcium carbonate, and natural solid wood leather as the main secondary raw materials, low-carbon and environmentally friendly. Jetcoat began to promote direct printing technology in 2008 and set up a plate-making team. Over the years, the R&D team has continued to study various simulation textures, three-dimensional patterns, and innovative technologies for artistic image reproduction.


    In 2012, we put forward the DecoArk decorative building materials coating concept that meets the 5E principles of the green environmental protection standard: Economy, Efficiency, Ecology, Energy, and Extensive. DecoArk's unique plate-making mix and match technology, through the mix and match of colors, patterns, light and shade, and dozens of UV coating processes, give the product high added value; Jetcoat can customize it according to customer needs to create exclusive style solutions.