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UV Curable Resin & Coating development


    The UV light-curable resin and coating project R&D team composed of senior deputy heads of the Taiwan R&D department and recruited professionals from both sides of the strait has applied for and obtained authorization for nearly 30 inventions utility model patents. Jetcoat has laboratories and test areas in Taiwan, Shanghai, Tianjin, and other places and continues to invest and upgrade equipment and instruments.


    We have the ability to develop UV resins and resin monomers independently. In recent years, it has invested in the development and research of LED Waterborne UV cured material as belonging to high-tech products and has achieved success in combining water-based coatings and LED light-curing.


    The R&D team possesses mature and Successfully supervised project experience, such as UV light-curable coatings, UV wood paint, 3C electronics industry UV paint, high weather-resistant finishing paint for car lights, high-temperature UV electroplating primer... etc. Continuous product development and good value improvement have enabled its products to maintain strong competitiveness in sales.